We Got Knocked Down. But We're Getting Back Up Again!

Over the last three years, both of us have suffered and beat (so far!) stage 4 cancer. Fortunately, Timlynn's battle was not nearly as long nor did it knock her down as low as mine did me. But her battle was the "two" of a devastating "one, two" punch that has sidelined our activities on every dimension and re-prioritized all levels of our lives. Happily, we're now – as Chumbawamba recommends – getting back up after being knocked down further than we ever imagined possible.

So, pardon us as we re-enter the world. Much of what is visible here at the moment is a time capsule snapshot of who we were and what we were working on before cancer struck. We'll retire much of this dated stuff as we refresh our on-line presence to reflect our complete focus on our two inter-related #Play2Learn projects; FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project.

Over the next week or so, we'll be doing some Iowa-inspired Spring cleaning! :-) :-)

Thank you for dropping by. If you would like to connect with us as Kindred Spirits, please use our Contact form.

Happy-Healthy Vibes to All,
--Jim and Timlynn--
Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA